The Real Lesson of 2G Scam Verdict

So after a decade the verdict of the CBI court for the very famous 2G scam, which was in a way responsible for the demise of the UPA government, came out yesterday. And it was a dud! The court acquitted all the accused, including two main ones D Raja and Kanimozhi, saying there is no evidence whatsoever against anyone proving that any scam took place! In many years of investigation CBI couldn’t even produce one credible evidence?

What is the meaning of all these? I do not know whether the scam took place or not but I know one thing for sure that the state will never prosecute and punish its own. In the game of Congress or BJP or any other political party people are being enslaved by the state since 1947. There is no real freedom in India for an individual. India remains a collective tribal society where an individual and his freedom are always sacrificed at the altar of the state. As long as this tribal collective culture is not changing there will be no real progress in the Indian sub-continent.

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1 thoughts on “The Real Lesson of 2G Scam Verdict

  1. Gene C says:

    So the UPA govt was brought down … on a lie.
    Either that or the CBI is incompetent in detecting any evidence.
    Or the judges were finally bribed to their satisfaction so they provided the desired result.

    Incredible !ndia. Truly, everything in India is in-credible.

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