The State, an Apparatus of Misery and Death

The globalist institution World Economic Forum recently tweeted and then deleted that tweet after a huge backlash,

Lockdowns are quietly improving cities around the world.

With this heartless tweet all the conspiracy theories about these globalist people, like the leader of WEF Klaus Schwab or Bill Gates or George Soros and all Social media companies like Facebook, Amazon, Tweeter etc.,  trying to push their global communist agenda under the guise of Covid-19 and climate change become facts just like many such past conspiracy theories. It is now a surety that they either invented Covid-19 pandemic or used this episode and manufactured a crisis out of it to further their globalist agenda. This is definitely a highly immoral and criminal act because lockdowns have devastated economies and billions of lives around the world, and now we know they intended this result. This is surely an extremely inhumane act.

Now, I can understand their wish and need for a green Earth and its clean environment or their heart’s desire of communism that they want to establish under the guise of this climate change agenda. As a fellow human being I respect their needs and I dearly wish they live in such a world of their wishes. In turn what I do want and request them to do is to respect the needs of other people like those billions whom they devastated in pursuit of their needs. They need to understand that not everyone need the kind of system that they are needing e.g., I do not want to live in a communist society. A truly happy and peaceful world is where everyone’s needs are met without sacrificing anyone’s needs. And such a thing is very much possible e.g., they can separately live in voluntary communist societies leaving rest of us alone in our own types of societies. With peaceful negotiations we can struck such deals. A system of private property rights can be used to make pollution go away. Pollution is the result of the system of common or public property system. Government officials pollute the environment with their policies. Not people.

Keeping aside above important discussion, the real issue here is the presence of the political institution of the state (aka government) and the heavy centralization of coercive power in that state world over. People like Schwab or Gates or Soros or anyone for that matter can impose their ideas and needs on others from above only by using this apparatus of coercive state. If there is no state and centralization of power then no such deadly lockdowns world over were possible. In the absence of the coercive state machinery, no one can impose their ideas and needs on others. We as human beings will have to understand one thing very clearly that coercively imposing one’s ideas and needs on others using political power is only going to result in death and misery for everyone. Such conflict and violence will only beget more violence. Such use of power can never achieve anything in the end because it either makes people submit themselves or rebel and in both cases the end result is misery for all. The use of power to achieve any need is only going to make our world a one big unhappy hell.

Only non-violent acts of love and compassion can help us all achieve our needs, which are universal, in a harmonious way. A non-violent negotiation between conflicting parties can help us resolve our conflicts peacefully. Before saving the Earth from any catastrophe, people need to learn to treat their fellow human beings with love, compassion and respect. If peace is the goal then any use of coercive power is not going to help anyone achieve that goal. People in WEF, governments and everywhere else need to understand that by killing people they cannot protect the Earth because those who died were also children of mother nature. How can one save mother by killing her children? For whom are we going to save the climate? Only for few? Are those few people special and rest of us not so special? If they think so, and that we can clearly see in their arrogant acts, then all their lofty talks are hollow excuses of trampling all of us under their boots. If their goal is equality then how can they treat the rest of the humanity with such horrors? They must know that such arrogance and blatant disregard for humanity will doom them one day as history shows us. Before that happens unfortunately they are and will be successful in killing millions. And in all that humanity will only lose.

As long as the state exist, no one can taste freedom and no one can live in peace.

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3 thoughts on “The State, an Apparatus of Misery and Death

  1. Aryo+K says:

    Finding peace with the fact that their plans will ultimately fail is the only option left.

    In a misguided country as India where Hindus believe the State to be in their interest when all the Indian State has done is deviate(to put it lightly) from fundamental and well known concepts of Hinduism such as Karma itself by installing quotas instead of meritocracy, by putting Socialism with a religious background that celebrates wealth unashamedly and as realistically than any other in the world, finding a sense of community building gets hard.

    I implore you to search on YouTube “Deep Lore Econ Chat: Malthusian Mistakes Matter” which explores the origins of societal planning(including eugenics and other such things) and explores the origins and the line that has followed since Malthus. It is eerily similar of India’s social programs since the independence (such as promotion of depopulation, nationalism garbed as environmentalism, etc.) .

  2. Aditya says:

    Very well written Sir.

    Just wanted to ask you, when will Mises Institute open its branch in India?


    Aditya Sawdekar

    • Mises India says:

      Mises India is in India. I don’t know about Mises Institute, USA opening its branch anywhere in the world. There are Mises Brazil, Mises Canada, Mises Mongolia, Mises India etc., separate institutes which are in one or the other way associated with Mises Institute.

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