The Myth of Mother India

We are being told since childhood that for the sake of mother India – Bharat Mata – we need to sacrifice our lives, we need to regularly and honestly give our money to mother India in the form of taxes, we need to diligently without fail follow all the rules, constitution and other legislative acts, that Bharat Mata has formed for us etc etc. Basically sacrificing ourselves at the feet of Bharat Mata. Sacrificing ourselves for this great nation called Bharat or India.  

But, really? Does mother India wants us to sacrifice ourselves at her altar? Or is there something else going on here? Asking a few questions will tell us the reality of mother India. 

The most important question is, who is this mother India? 

Collective concepts like society or nation/country or mother India etc., are theoretical concepts created by some people for fulfilling their own ulterior aims in the name of those concepts. All collective concepts are pure myths created by people who benefit from them. In nature the only reality is an individual whom our creator created separately. God – or nature if you are a nonbeliever – didn’t create a society or a nation or a mother India or Uncle Sam etc. All those above mentioned collective concepts are created by some human being(s) to fulfill their own ends. They are just means to an end. In reality no society or nation exists on its own. They both are an amalgamation of individuals. According to anthropology and sociology, a nation is a group of people who speak a common language and share a common culture. According to political science, a nation is a group of people comprising a given geographic territory who are ruled by a specific government. 

So if we use mother India as a shorthand for the Indian nation state then mother India is not some independent entity which is a mother of 1.4 billion Indians but rulers of these 1.4 billion people who form the government. In short, mother India is Indian government i.e., whichever political party and its politicians who are in power at a given time are mother India. Mother India is a deliberate myth created by the politicians who wanted to grab power in their hands in the name of this mother India. In the nationalistic language, some sons of this mythical mother India want power for themselves to subjugate other sons of this same mother India so they are telling other sons to sacrifice their lives for them in the name of mother India. 

Now if politicians are asking us to sacrifice our lives for them then the next logical question is, who are these politicians? Are they worthy of our sacrifices? Should we sacrifice our lives for these politicians? Let’s see. 

The political class of the society is always made of those people who want to use others to further their own interest. Like Adolf Hitler, they will always hide their personal ambition of power behind the lofty language of nation and its welfare. Politics is defined as an action where you use others for your own self interest. Also, as Murray Rothbard (and before him countless other scholars like Franz Oppenheimer or Albert J Nock etc) said, politicians are nothing but a group of criminals, writ large e.g., according to this report by Association for Democratic Reforms, hundreds of sitting MLAs and MPs in India are outright criminals with active criminal cases against them. As Bastiat said, government is a system of legalizing the plunder. Whoever can’t find honest economic means of survival joins politics and forms governments so that they can loot and murder others to further their own survival. These criminal parasitic class of Indian society have created this myth of mother India to fool other Indians to surrender their own life and hard earned wealth at their disposal.

If India is our mother then remember, no mother demands any kind of sacrifices from her children. No mother India will ask you to give your life away to defend her or to develop her or to make her grow. No mother India will ask you to give your money to her for doing welfare of others. No mother India will forcefully take away your money and life from you. The nature of any mother is exactly the opposite of what has been told to us since our childhood by our politicians and other political apologists. A real mother will sacrifice herself for the betterment of her children. Like a mama bear, a real mother will give her life away to protect her children; she will defend her child with ferocity and rip open anyone who will try to come close to harm them. No mother will rob and kill her own children in the name of welfare or war. 

We know that no mother India will demand any sacrifices from us. As I have analyzed above, mother India is actually Indian politicians and other government officials and supporters who are asking us to sacrifice our lives and wealth so that they can enjoy their own lives at the cost of our lives. It is criminal good for nothing sons of mother India who are asking hard working honest sons of mother India to give away their life, liberty, and property for their own power and parasitical survival. The myth of mother India is very elaborately created by these politicians to loot and murder us. 

It is better that common Indians recognize this myth and stop being fooled in its name by their overlord ruling politicians who formed successive governments since the last 76 years. This legal plunder of common hard working Indians, which started on 15th August 1947, must stop. Looting and killing of the children of mother India must stop. There is no welfare when one son is looted and killed to benefit the other son. Nationalism is a cult out of which Indians need to withdraw themselves if they want to make their lives better.  

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