What is Anarchy?

Before the Covid-19 pandemic related lock down started in the month of March in India, there were large protests going on against the BJP government’s policies of CAA and NRC. In one of his rallies in New Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that, his government can’t leave Delhi in Anarchy i.e., all the alleged chaos that the CAA-NRC protestors were creating. Before that, in December 2019 in his popular Mann ki Baat program also he said,

The youth in India likes to follow the system. They question the system when it does not work and don’t like anarchy as they question the loopholes in the system. What today’s youth dislikes is instability, chaos, nepotism.

Indian Prime Minister is constantly using this word Anarchy and comparing it with a condition of chaos in the country. Is he right? Is Anarchy means Chaos? What is the true meaning of this dreaded word Anarchy? To clarify the concept of Anarchy and the State, Mises Institute President Dr. Madhusudan Raj recently sat down with Mr. Yohan Tengra of Anarchy for Freedom India. Below is his interview. If you want to understand the real meaning of Anarchy then watch his talk.

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