Can Congress, AAP or any other Political Parties or Schemes Save Indians?

With Covid-19 related draconian lock down and ensuing chaos in the Indian society and economy and the continues fiasco of present BJP government with schemes like demonetization, GST, CAA/NRC etc., many people have again started discussing about better alternative (sic) of Narendra Modi. There are groups of people who now think that Aam Aadmi Party Delhi chief minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal can save Indians and make India a super power. Some people again want Congress party to take reigns of India’s political system in its hands and bring it out of this mess. Some groups like the Right to Recall are talking about making reforms in the government system whereas some groups like the Nayi Disha are talking about schemes like Dhan Wapasi to make Indians rich. Are these real solutions of Indians’ myriad of problems? Can these political parties or schemes save Indians? Mises Institute President Dr. Raj was recently asked this question by Mr. Yohan Tengra of Anarchy for Freedom India. Below is his answer about the real solution of age old problems of Indians.


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