A Radical Political Proposal for India

When it comes to the political choices in India, Indians have no real choices. All political parties in India, in one form or another, are wedded to the ideology of socialism and its variants like communism. Whether it is the ruling BJP party or the major opposition Congress party or the Aam Aadmi Party, they all are followers of socialism. They all present the statist view of the society where the individual is subordinate to the state and its ruling government. The government is our overlord, our nanny who is going to control and regulate every aspect of our lives. The concept of the individual and its liberty is completely missing from the Indian social, cultural, and political scene. Basically the Indian culture is collective tribal and primitive. The present BJP government and its prime minister Modi are touted by many as a pro-market prime minister and to the right of the political spectrum, but looking at BJP and Modi’s track record, e.g., increasing centralization of the society and economy where everything is decided by the prime minister himself and a few of his lackeys, the wrecking of the economy via draconian policies like demonetization or GST and then brutal lockdowns etc., we find nothing pro-market at all. Both are, in fact, exactly the opposite of the Right or the market economy. The ruling party exhibits fascism where the state and a few private sector corporatists are fleecing the populace under the guise of market economy and privatization. This isn’t Capitalism at all. This is socialism. 

Delhi’s AAP is brazenly socialist. Arvind Kejriwal is the worst sort of dictator. I am sure if Kejriwal will come to power, he would put Modi to shame. 

The only so-called Libertarian party of India SBP (Swarna Bharat Party led by Sanjeev Sabhlok) also falls way short of Libertarian standards. In the end, they also don’t want to end the state but just want to continue with it in slightly different form. Any such tinkering with the present system will not solve India’s problems. 

What India needs is a radical change in its political system. I propose that change below. 

My proposal is to create a No tax party whose only political platform will be to eliminate all taxes whether that be direct or indirect. Those who understand the true nature of the state know well that taxation is the main sustenance source of the state. In taxation lies the strength and weakness of the state. It survives through tax and will die through tax also. This is the reason why any liberty lover should focus on eliminating taxation. 

If even after this people continue to support socialist policies then they deserve their fate. But Indians must not have any excuse in the future that someone didn’t tell them about the Freedom alternative. 

Is this proposal practical? 

Who cares? Time for such consideration is long gone for India. A total shake up is needed. Whether this can be done or not is not a question here. The important thing to know is that this is the RIGHT thing to do. 

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2 thoughts on “A Radical Political Proposal for India

  1. Dheeraj Dadhich says:

    “Is this proposal practical?

    Who cares? Time for such consideration is long gone for India. A total shake up is needed. Whether this can be done or not is not a question here. The important thing to know is that this is the RIGHT thing to do.”

    boy you would enjoy reading Curtis Yarvin’s Graymirror.substack.com from the starting prof

    let’s win rather in resign to action like a maniac

    what are we Keynesian?

  2. Pavan Josyula says:

    I’m glad to find this article. I never expected I would find a supporter of free-market capitalism, tenets of libertarianism, or classical liberalism in India where most of them are staunch supporters and believers of socialism and its variants like communism. I agree with every word written in this article. Most of the Indians never cared to think about individual liberty and individual responsibility, yet they declare themselves as the strong voices of equality and social justice – both words are quite common amongst socialists. I’m so glad that I found a fellow Indian who shares my views on Indian politics. A huge radical political change is necessary to avert the impending doom in India. If the Indians keep supporting the socialist policies, never acknowledging the power of free markets and liberty, then they shall be destined to meet a terrible future.

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